Conversion Rate 10 SEO Trends to Increase your Landing Page Conversion rate

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In 2012 and later on the increase in conversion rate of your website's Landing Page is a basic desired thing that can compel search engines to evaluate your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and strategies.So it is the time to retrieve your Landing Page for some factors to increase the conversion rate of your website.Let's see for the following 10 SEO Trends to be more focused for your Landing ..

1.Quest the Importance of Landing Page For PPC.Usually Landing Pages are critically optimized and set for any promotion especially for paid marketing campaigns.Here the think able matter is why you pay for PPC campaigns where measured ROI for your Landing Page is important to succeed.The reason is that using landing pages for ppc campaigns can result in higher conversion rate rather than other pages like Home page, Shoping Cart page or Registeration form or Product explanation page.The purpose is that to create a close relation ship between an ad and landing page contents.

2.Build Relevant Landing Page for your Targeted Audience. Must do some to analyze the behavior of targeted audience before starting to build a Landing Page that when they land on page through search engines or ads/banner links, how will they treat your site contents and what they like to see, that you put on your page.This will useful to understand to increase landing page experience more according to audience mentality.Remember increase in conversion rate depends upon the Landing Page efficiency by understanding that what audience expects from a Landing Page.

3.Avoid from using Limitless Navigation for a Landing Page. The purpose of optimizing an effective Landing Page is to concern your total focus for one that when they come to page by clicking through an ad/banner link, you can easily drive their attention to take that action for which you have brought your targeted audience to page e.g. filling out forms, downloads or sign ups.The story is a multiple choice links strategy can focus your visitors for underestimating your site or you are playing a game to double minded your visitors.

4.Create a Strong Message Match Headline.While being spending your budget for your ppc marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic to site, the most probable time is 5 seconds for what a visitor can stay on your page before deciding whether stick or not.So it is a positive factor to make a simple, clear and strongly match headline to that message that you write for your ad in case of giving to people a sense of positive reward.The technical point is "a mismatch message between your ppc ad and Landing Page can be the cause of increase in bounce rate and lows down conversions".

5.Landing Page Focus for One Subject. Before setting up a Landing Page your mind should have clear cut ideas about for what you are getting in mind disturbance, so you can easily create a message match headline between an ad and your landing page.It is good thing as for you and as for your costumers to avoid from  frustrating circumstances for both, let's see if you have to concentrate for more than one then it is too much tricky and huge chances for visitors ignorance from you.

6.Create a Simple, Clear, and Meaning full Texts but very Short for Storytelling.Use very short text phrases that can turn into a powerful motivational story to get visitors attention.Keep in mind obviously a land page is designed to surround the audience to make them understand the basic feature of your product/service.This can done by using the implementation of persuasion design techniques.For example the use of

  • Unique selling proposition.
  • Compelling overview strategies.
  • Use of rich media like photography or video explation.
  • A short list for products, benefits or site features.
  • Directional cues for user guideline.
  • Seductive Call to Action. 

7.Miss Flash, Animated, Floated Boxes or PopUp Bars for your Landing Page.The main purpose of a killer landing page is to compel visitors for Call To Action.So avoid all that distractions that can be the cause of hiding Call to Action section of landing page and make it invisible for visitors, and also increase the conversion rate.Here the powerful strategy is the use limited Call to Actions, but you can use more than one but prioritizing them on landing page.

8.Audience Trust increase Conversion Rate. Your audience trust is a prioritization and key element to increase the conversion rate.Think about all that factors for what you can become a trusty a man among your audience including having a well design website which can impress your audience for brand base company.

9.A/B Testing of Landing Page.Landing Page Optimization starts from A/B Testing instead of guessing about your site design and contents.A/B testing enables you to create multiple versions of landing page and simultaneously analyzing them to sort out the market trend and behavior for your page.

10.Landing Page Optimization (LPO).As optimizing your site's all other pages it is also essential to optimize your landing page especially for internet marketing and conversion rate optimization in case of increase in number of visitors. 


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