Create Better Optimized Site with New Google Analytcs Content Experiments

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 A great announcement for all marketers and Website Optimizers have been set to make their sites more impact able or to create new fully optimized sites.They announce by saying goodbye to standing alone version and wellcome a fully integrated website testing tool in google analytics.

Basics of Google Content Experiments
This special feature is introduced to help the marketers,sellers and web owners to optimized their goals that they have already described in Google analytics for their contents and products and to make them more accessible and effective for their instant costumers.
  While setting up your goals in Google analytics, "Content Experiments" allows you to bringing your website to test it that what versions of your pages getting your visitors to accomplish your goals with up to five version of a page to see which of those to drive more conversion.

How Google Analytics Help in Improving your Landing Pages
 While Google Adword is a great pay per click tool to generate web traffic by creating an ad for the description of your contents or products and to make it sure the visitors can easily reach their required for what they are looking.So for more improvement in your sales Google analytics Content Experiment can clear your mind about your ppc campaigns and how well various page work in getting visitors in accomplishing your specific goals.which will help in improving your revenue and make the most of every visitor that comes to your site.

Requirement and Sign in
How to Set up Content Experiment
Benefits of Content Experiment


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