Google's New Conspiracy Image results may not Counted as Impressions In Google WMT

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From the last 10 days of October 2012 it has commonly seen by almost all webmasters for a sudden drop down of author stats in Google webmaster tools some such like as..

Yesterday, my author stats in Googlw Webmaster tool showed between

5000 to 12000 impressions per day
320 to 600 clicks per day for October

Today, this stat changed to half

2500 to 3500 impressions per day
200 to 400 clicks 

Actually the "WMT" have been always outlandish and incomprehensible for always and for each one as They never counted a correct firgure for all of mine, not even close due to their frequent Changefulness. Because often you see in WMT they dropped them, then they brought them back. I read that they are going to drop them AGAIN, this time forever (next month?). Suits me fine, since they are nothing but a source of frustration. Or there might be force full Conspiracy against webmasters to spend their budgets for Google Adwords Paid advertisement program. But not sure if it's related or not, but I have seen an overall drop in reported impressions in the search queries report (about 50% or more for 70% as compared to a week ago). Traffic is the same, though. Initial analysis leads me to believe that image results are no longer being counted as impressions. Because They NEVER show my photo on ANY SERPS. Recognisable?  Maybe Google want a more Isolated photo, to have different Look for me than my previous. I am about to pull all my authorship. It is simply not worth fretting over, especially since Google refuses to TRY to get it right. Jumping through their hoops to no avail is not only frustrating, it is demeaning. "Well from the Initial analysis it has been counted that as a prediction to believe that image results are no longer being counted as impressions."


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