YouTube New Digital Thermometer in NonProfit Program

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Just as before, YouTube's new features like Live stream, Play back, YouTube came again with a new feature tool "A digital Thermametre for non Profit videos" in their YouTub Nonprofit program, that will work as progress bar showing on your channel that takes on the role of the ‘thermometer’ that nonprofits raising money have used for years to represent their progress toward a goal.Additionally, a Campaign tab will show up on your channel, with a bar showing the progress toward your goa.

YouTube's digital thermameter means, you can check a full guidence before starting your campaigns and after completion of your campain YouTube's digital thermametre progress bar will show the overall progress of campain videos including the total number of publically video views that will ecncourage people to more share your videos as setting your goals to target that can be measured and seen by everyone who ‘contributes’ by watching it.
Signifiacantly more than 18000 organizations are included in YouTube's Nonprofit program, so the current feature actually is part of tool series to help their nonprofit program contributters in any possible ways as for turnning video views into greater awareness, petitions signed, laws changed, dollars raised, and lives saved. Last week similarly YouTube announces that all videos will rank highe with "new ranking factor Time Watched" instead of counting the total number of clicks.   


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