Qihoo vs Baidu China's Web Search Qihoo Will Dead or Alive

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Qihoo 360 a big web research progrom that was being launched by China in August 16, surprissingly cotributed to the list of gaint Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing with in ver short period of time.Qihoo expectedly seems to come in futre with vast web data and becoming a big source of organic search engine traffic.
 Qihoo 360 is a Chinese sequrity software company that crearte the Qihoo 360 web browser with 300 million users that almost compatible with Internet explore.According to iResearch, Qihoo’s browser penetration rate reached 61 percent of all web users in China considering its anti-virus/malware capabilities.
An Asian digital marketing exper Steven Millward said that, “ Qihoo 360 Search browser holds seven main tabs: news, web, video, MP3, images, maps, and answers and four of them get the data by linking to Baidu sites (news, MP3, maps, and Baidu ZhiDao for answers), but there are a lot of expection about Qihoo 360 that in very near future, it’s highly possible that Qihoo will come up with its own versions of those missing features pretty soon.”
But against it as Baidu holds 78.6% search marketing shares looks like a big challenge for Qihoo to find it's place in search marketing."Though both Citron Research and Anonymous Analytics have bones to pick with Qihoo over its traffic and revenue claims, Qihoo’s move into the search market will immediately impact on Google, Tencent Soso, and Sogou – and maybe even on search giant Baidu.
In case of doing some search on Qihoo it shows the same results as Baidu by accessing via their software downloading the platform. Qihoo does't have it's own paid search intead of having a partnership with Google that allows Google to benefit from the revenue earned in the huge online economy of the mainland without having to be present.
  Only thing that becomes the cause of Qihoo's interest for pulic use is to have an access to prohibted or ban contents. Pointedly noted some discrapancies in search results by Fei Chang Dao, a blog between Baidu and Qihoo. Doing a comparison between them, they find that searches on terms such as the “Tiananmen Square Incident” netted uncensored results without censorship notices where Baidu restricted the search results. (This of course isn’t always the case, in some instances they restricted the content just as Baidu had restricted it).
In front of this it comes with a clear clarification that Baidu holds a superior search technolgy, by virtually using their different search features like travel, maps and video, and offers users with an experience they are used too. From a general survey of search terms using Baidu and Qihoo, public trend goes down for Qihoo that proves Chinese love Baidu.But perhaps Qihoo proven to be a useful search engine for those who search from a professional and academic perspective and best alternative for Google's difficult and slow service in China.


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