Using Site Submission Services can Lose a Website Search Ranking

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Well in past it is a common thing to hire a SEO services company for almost all site owners to acquired a quick ranking badge in search results. They spent a lot money to place their site's links to maximum web's hot and most frequently clicked platforms by using site's search engine submission services.  
     But recently a Google forum thread worked to clear about to not using site submissions service these days and totally a pointless waste of time and energy IMO.The debate concerns about this some such like as....
     These services have ever become totally useless due to inter countering of some spammy terms, working towards a banging ranking, and are not needed to do more for your site that obviously can even be counter-productive (if they create unnatural links for your site, which would be go against Google Webmaster Guidelines).Site submission services are one of those unfortunate hangovers from the 90s, which IMO were never effective. They generally got you submitted to a bunch of free-for-all directories and got your email address added to a lot of junk mail lists. And later on it's possible that the links created by them for your site could eventually require use of the Google Link Disavow tool. 
     Here's some are Google's preferences to index a site in search results because there's never been any point submitting to Google, because if Google can't find your site via inbound links, it's not going to rank you anyway. 


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