How do I get index my web site in Google

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In terms of Search Engine Optimization of a website it is most important that website must show in search results when internet users search about their requirements by typing some key pharses related to website title and they get easily all that which they want.There for indexation of a website have basic value to promote website and for highly targitted traffic.There are a lot of google indexation service providers in cyber world and they charge some for it.

 But in our point of view to spent your dollars on indexation of your site to any search engine is just a wrong matter.Because when you hire someone to optimize and create authority Back Links to promote your site, if your hired person is expert in his work and properly optimize your  your then it is sured that your website will index to any search engine automatically with out submitting the site to search engines directly.It may be possible that your website take some extra time to index but it will be index.If the Back Links pointed to your site are powerful, relevant and have unique value in eyes of search engines then its not fare that your website do not index with in very few days.Index a website to any search engine is not an easy task because directly submitting a webpage to a search engine is not a proper way. Therefore we don't submit your page directly.

 A good way to index a site is that the site is submitted to the highly ranked and that sites who provides do follow one way permanent back links pointed to your website especialy social bookmarking sites who have a lot of traffic on daily base.As the bots of search engines are always present on highly ranked and daily updated sites so when they find your links and comes to your site by tracking all the dofollow one way back links pointed to your site they will index your page within 5 to 10 days.

There for we are too much caring about our client's website that it will index as soon as possible by using all the legal resources and only WHITE HAT SEO techniques. Actualy our main strategy is that all the search engine have to find your links instead of directly submitting your site to search engine as the search engines bots and crawling softwares are always in search of newly submitted links to indexing them.But this can be done only when your website is permoted by other highly demanding sites who can voted your sites. In this way your website is not only indexed but also have a lot of good quality back links who are powerful and have great value according to the google's bots and crawling softwares. There for we do not charge for this service.


  1. faadimalik  

    11 May 2012 at 02:54

    These tips and features that you have given has very beneficial for the peoples.
    regards, fahad from
    University of Chittagong
    Buddhist Pali University

  2. Daryl Carver  

    25 May 2012 at 19:06

    Google does not want SEOs around but since they need a little help in giving relevant result possible then they allowed seo but with some condition though. to build links that are high quality and not to spam.

  3. durvesh naik  

    21 September 2012 at 06:07

    Too good information shared by you!...keep posting ,it helps us and newbie.
    Durvesh Naik.
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  4. durvesh naik  

    21 September 2012 at 06:08

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