Is content Syndication Cause of Duplicate Content & Spaming

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You know well that things and also thinking have ever been changed than before and usually the behaviour of giant search engines is out understanding for each one. As at this people are worried about their sites down ranking and low organic search traffic for several issues that Google periodically pointed. So now the issues is wheat her syndicating your newly created contents and publishing them to all possible web resources with same title and materiel could be the cause of spamming search results.
     From previous experience of users SEO efforts and workings as we are working on a concept that involves content syndication and should this concept become a reality, that it too much better for site owners to update their sites 2 to 3 times per day with using all well worked SEO terms like competitive intelligence to conduct most impact able and highly demanding keywords with respect to search results but if it could cause duplicate content across a number of different sites without a "main site" to link up to, where the content would have originated, which is what is stipulated as being "ok" for syndicating content in the duplicate content guidelines and how they will rank better.  I realise showing results caused by duplicate content in a search is counterproductive for the person searching, but holding back information possibly important to certain users across different networks/ sites, just to avoid a poor ranking. According to experts opinions what they say about this ..
From Google's perspective, they only need 1 site in the index with the content.  Everything else is just spam.
From the user's perspective, a good user experience and the ability to find content on a popular site go hand in hand.

You need to balance the urge to develop sites to impress Google versus the urge to provide a good user experience.
     Perhaps search engines like Google want to get more but with different, I think it is too much better to express your Site's contents or products by having a lot of options for single and place them on others as different as placing them on your own site but with same meanings.


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