EMD Crisis and Common Senses For your Business website Do you really need to change your EMD

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Reported by someone at Google Webmaster Forum Google getting penalised them for their EMD as a registered business and it is Trademarked. From a thread as an evidence by an other forum keep it in your mind that EMD algorithm had not designed for legitimate business to penalise.As an easy quickest and cheapest way is to change the EMD with proper redirect options to your business back on track.
Springfield Cardiology Clinic is named Springfield Cardiology Clinic (SCC for short)
There is a website named springfieldcardiologyClinic., there is a business licence, a yellowpage listing, EIN number, tax resale or exempt license, Secretary of State registration, D&B listing, hospital registration, state medical board registration, local chamber of commerce, better business bureau etc 
Basically SCC can prove who they are to Google without an ounce of effort.
According to above lines as EMD not for legitimate business, so if you feel any sudden site demotion and search ranking crack down the matters doesn't relates weather you got penalise for your EMD. So it is doesn't all this is due to EMD algorithm and you need to change the domain name or there's absolutely no guarantee that changing domain names will get you back on track without having some clear clarification.Actually the fact is doing EMD exchange to an other domain name on its own is unlikely to affect much. Having EMD for a high quality site, that is fine. But having a low quality site and an exact match domain is not so good. But then, having a low quality site and a branded domain name is not much good either.It just seems like a mortgage site (http://www.mortgagebroker.com.au/) or http://www.eldershomeloans.com.au/internal.php?l2=369 both are a well known and great site base on legitimate business.As in these days people are worried about to getting penalised for EMD Crisis for there own businesses and that's why I raised it as a general question and working their a little knowledge too. So I really wants to suggest you to hold for while and concern before spoilling your current online reputation, you doesn't need to change your current EMD before having a clear cut clarifications for EMD crisis.I think you really need to read an instructive blog post for reasons why your site may not be ranking as highly  as before, either post your url  or see http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=34444 with its Matt Cutts video - he's from head office :-)


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