How do you get Auto Approved Edu Back Links by using Expressionengine

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In this post I just wants to describe a power full Link Building strategy through which you can get unlimited auto approved Edu back links by creating member profiles and also commenting on forums and blogs.So you can a lot of.  and I am sure about it that it will be helping in promoting your site's page rank and link popularity with a very little effort
  •  first of install Seoquake for your current browser(Google chrome or Firefox) to check page.Now type the following code in google search box with  using your keywords.

  • "powered by expressionengine" "ADD YOUR KEYWORD"

  •  You can sort out all these results according to ascending  or descending order and 100 results per page in advance search settings.
  • Now open a site of any page rank to create account by filling out form with your data also including your page url and submit it.In this way a member profile will create with your link.Thats Done a value able and auto approved Edu back link will point to site.
     Similarly you can get a lot of links by creating member profiles on each site showing in search results.
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