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Bing has changed its user dashbaord with entirely a new look, some new Seo Tools and features for their user to better inform the understanding their site's data and statistics.Through this new feature that is Phoenix Update called by Bing Team, Bing users can analyse their links while it offers for a complete SEO analysis of a website.
An announcement for this analytically tool had been held at Friday morning in which Bing team said that the latest changes in Bing has become a standard Bing for United states users and you can consider it as an temporary introduction, and they will be back in next upcoming days with complete and detailed explanation of each tool and feature.Here is an image for a new design webmaster dash board.
SEO Analysis Tools Analyse your Site
  Bing New Features and SEO TOOLs
      Link Explore(beta). Back Link Analysis.By simply putting your site URL to Link Explore the tool will provide a list of links pointed to your site.The default settings also allow you to set this tool for both internal and external links
      SEO Reports(beta) Detailed SEO analysis Site report.You can get a direct SEO analysis report for your site.This tool uses 15 best seo practices to create a best analyse report and runs one time on every 2nd week for all your your verified domains in Bing webmaster tools.
     SEO Analyzer(beta).In the same way it uses SEO tools report, that this tool tell you by using that best SEO to practices to scan your Verified URLs whether you're or not in compliance with each report.
    Fetch as Bingbot.This tool make you able to find out your site's that page which is seen by Bingbots as it allows you to request Bingbot to crawl the specific page of your site and display it as crawler sees it.
     Canonical Alerts.To help webmasters in order to avoiding from the misuse of rel=canonical tags through this new tool
     For more information for further tools visit the Bing Webmaster Tools Centre


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