7 Steps for Effective On Page Optimization Seo Friendly On Page Optimization

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"Seo Friendly On Page Optimization" an essential factor for Seo Campaigns to improve search traffic graph of a site by driving maximum targeted traffic from all major search engines.Yet it is not easier to getting rank higher in search engine as they are getting more smarter and improving their search crawling terminologies day by day from every aspect of view especially including your On page Optimization techniques.From the technical point every webmaster have to look into it in case of justifying your competition strength.Now it depends on you that how effectively done Seo friendly On Page optimization for your working page.Here I have tried to brief some most important On page optimization factors to give your site more exposure and your site's overall CTR(click through rate)

1.Set your Goals.Before starting an online page you must have the knowledge about page relevancy and a strategic plan about it for example if you are car dealer and wants to sell cars online then your total page conservation should be about car industry in case of telling search engines and visitors.
Target the interest of your niche Audience.
2.Page Relevancy.Google,Yahoo,Bing and other search engines see the page relevancy of a site title with search queries that are typed in search box e.g when someone type a keyphrase including the word car search engines show only pages titled with word car.Now it depends upon you how much your site contents can describe effectively the typed search queries.
3.Target your Main Keyphrases.Well if you are setting up a page related to cars, you must be awared from your requirements that what you have to offer for others and what you want from your designed page.In this situation you need to target some main keywords that can supports you to target your maximum niche audience.
4.Make a List for your Main Keyphrases.It is too much better for you to distribute your main keyphrases in a list before analyzing them by using any keyword research tool.While being doing this you can get a lot ideas for keyphrases in front of your audience trends.e.g

1.Make a deal for your new car
2.Deal on new cars
3.Best deals on new cars
4.Get the best deal on new cars
5.Trade in car for new car deals

 This list will help you in targeting main and highly ranked Keyphrases with respect to search terminologies of major search engines that you can easily use them in your site's different sections like in URL structure,Title Tags, Head Tags, Headings H1 H2 H3, Post Titles, Body text, Alt Tags, Alt Image Tags, Seo friendly navigating your site Anchor Texts.

5.Do Some Keyword Research to filtrate your keyphrases.After selecting your keyphrases, use google adwords keyword tool to judge the online scoop for them that if you use them in your page then how much organic search traffic they can directly drive to your site and whats changes you need to make with them.

6.Use wisely your selected keyphrases to set your on page optimization seo friendly for all search engines.It is too much necessary for you to use your selected keyphrases according to SEO rules in case of boosting your search engine rank.

7.Avoid From Stuffing your Selected Keyphrases.Keywords Stuffing is the cause of rank down in search results because you are going against webmater guidelines.


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