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In February 2011 "Google Panda" was first rolled out to target the "low quality sites" getting rank down, "placed at the top of search result (SERPs) by adopting the Black Hat Seo Techniques or Over optimization" to rank better the high quality sites in (SERPs) that internet surfers can easily reach to their required and authentic contents.After this "Google Penguin" was being released by Google in April 2012 to decrease the search engine ranking of those websites who are badly involved in violating the Google Web Master Guidelines, badly they lose their search ranking with web traffic until to zero figure.
  As web traffic is a Bone of Back, with out traffic any online business or a website is failed to successfully target its sales and marketing goals which means "Waste of Time and Energy".

   Now a days it is "cut and drifting" factor in affected web community that that "How to Get Back and Retain Higher after Google Panda and Peguin".Those who affected and nearly trashed, are stated as that SEO is dead, but the reality is quite different, and there are a lot of changes that need to be made for success and saying proudly " I am Back".
  Turn your total Focus to Link your Site with Brand Base and High Quality Sites.
In a recent statement of Matt Cutts,"He says that Google ignores a lot of links from low quality sites".Therefor you say that it is impossible for you to take an idea that "How Google or Bing evaluate your inbound links".So it is good and beneficial strategy if your Link Building Campaigns start form authentic link criteria.
  Avoid from Getting Low quality Links with Exact Matched Anchor Texts.
 Because a lot of evidences provides arguments that 60% is the maximum limits for targeted anchor texts.
 If your link building stategies are exceeding from 60% in case of exact match then you are walking on thin ice and you can get fall in serious trouble.Oppose this the evaluated and powerful terms to get rank better for your anchor texts are "Partial Anchor Text" who leads relevancy and diversity for crawling process.
 Make Seo friendly Crawl Path To Index Fast your Best Contents.
Mostly the bots and spiders of any search engine enter to a site firstly from its mane page(Home Page).So it is most important thing for a site that it have a "Good Crawl Path" that its entire pages crawl rightly to index fast.
301 Redirect is the Best Solution in case of Changing your URLs
There are a lot of reasons like latest designs, apps, softwares, and new platforms to change the URLs but avoid from changing your site URLs that really damage your site, but with 301 redirect.
 Expand your Social Inbound Marketing Media Criteria for additional Traffic.
After doing well your on page optimization for all search engines and content strategies, your next step is to expand your "Social Era" to get be bold.So spent some on social platforms to reintroduce yourself.


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